Buy A Demon Love Story

So it’s finally available!  I’ll keep a list of links to the various places you can buy A Demon Love Story on this page.  It’s available almost anywhere books are sold online. But you can click the link below to buy it now !

Available NOW!!! (Kindle & Paperback for my John Handcock *I was told to change this to Hancock, but I refuse*)  

The Kindle version is reduced to $4.99 so for all you ebook readers out there please check it out! version is currently out of service, we had to make changes to the file and it’s not complete yet I will keep you informed.  (If you’re into that sort of thing)

Or you can link to my Goodreads author page or check out my A Demon Love Story Facebook page which also has links to get to the purchasing!  Have fun and most importantly, I hope you love the story as much as I do!


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