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There are reviews done by me for others writers.

The Scene–The Dylan Hart-Odyssey of the Occult by R. M. Gilmore

I really enjoyed it, it moved so fast I couldn’t put it down…
The Scene–The Dylan Hart-Odyssey of the Occult by R. M. Gilmore was a fun face paced rollercoaster ride. Suspense, intrigue, anticipation around every turn. Not to mention sexual tension you can cut with a knife, perhaps an illegal butterfly knife at that. I love R. M.’s voice, she speaks as if I was speaking to my best friend, there were times in which I thought I was in that story. Dylan Hart is a snarky, sarcastic, foul-mouthed reporter that will do and say anything to get her story. With her financial future being less than stellar Dylan goes on a quest to seek out a story regarding several “transients and hookers” who are being murdered in odd and peculiar ways; she is looking to gain information to write her first novel, for fame and fortune. In order to seek the truth and solve the mystery Dylan and her best friend Tatum have to enter a world that Dylan was not entirely comfortable with.
Within this world there were weird, creepy, odd, dorky characters that Dylan would rather not associate with, but then there was Cyrus–a beautiful perfectly sculpted underwear model whom made Dylan weak in the knees causing a tumultuous lust/hate banter, but she was determined to just get the facts.
With the help of Dylan’s thirst for answers, Tatum’s connections, Dylan’s detective Mike she is led on a wild goose chase of frightening clubs, disappointing dead ends, unsettling discoveries and bucketfuls of blood.
I recommend anyone to take this trip with Dylan, you may get dizzy at times but I guarantee you, you will love the ride.

Rose’s Will–Denise DeSio

“Small children are such wonderful creatures. Everything that they are is on the outside. I never have to use my inner eye to see inside of them. At what point do we turn ourselves outside in?” –Eli Fineman
That is my favorite and most apropos quote of this story. Rose’s Will by Denise DeSio. A tale of two siblings, one overbearing abusive mother and the man who loved her.
Eli Fineman is a refined, educated Bulgarian Holocaust survivor who was in love with a brassy, opinionated, larger-than-life, never wrong Italian from Brooklyn named Rose. He saw things in her that her family was never able to see due to his perception of her and who she created herself to be for him. He had an unconditional love for his Rose and she for him and together they were due piselli in un baccello–two peas in a pod.
Glory and Ricky¯Rose’s children both shared a kinship in sadness over their tumultuous childhood. The children’s father left them early in life to get away from Rose’s irrational temper. Glory, the oldest, left a bad situation to live a good one with her partner Claire, only to be haunted by the absence of her mother’s love and disapproval of her life choices. Ricky, the obedient son, took the abuse and overbearing and intrusive nature of his mother head on as his life’s purpose with much regret and resentment for his sister who was able to take the road better traveled; never admitting to himself that he too had that choice.
Rose’s Will is a story of how this dysfunctional family came together when tragedy struck speaking in the different points of view of Eli, Glory and Ricky showing how their lives intertwined.
This story was both riveting and emotional. You can see that Denise cared a great deal for all her characters larger than life and small. Not to mention the heart-wrenching emotion of very tragic real life story that took place during this journey.
This was a beautiful portrayal of love, loss, forgiveness and a very wise, charming old man who lived by the words of Cicero and Marcus Aurelius. I absolutely loved this story it had many aspects that speak to my upbringing and I was able to relate personally which doesn’t happen often when reading a story by a complete stranger.

Displaced–Elle LePraim

Elle Lapraim’s short story Displaced is one of beauty. Abigail discovers a rare occurence in the dark forest by her house. All she wanted was a friend as she saw in the old movies. When Abigail is interviewed by Mr. Brown she recounts her first encounter with the object of everyone else’s fears. She was the only person that brought peace to the situation through the eyes of the child she once was. Elle weaved a tale so true to today’s society on how we as a people view ‘outsiders’, usually fearful, angry and full of violence, Abigail was not like everyone else. I loved that about her, we need more Abigail’s in the world. The only downside to this story was at the end I craved more, I wish it went on, but that’s why it’s called short story. It was well written, nicely choreographed and very smart. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful story with a beautiful ending.

Fireseed One–Catherine Stine

I absolutely loved this book. Catherine Stine has a wonderful knack of creating believable twists and turns all through the book. There was even a point where I said out loud “really?” because I thought those poor kids couldn’t take anymore. But they did! I loved the interaction between Varik and Marissa it was believable and endearing. The imagery was beautiful and well described and the illustrations just took it to an even better level. Once I started this book I didn’t want to put it down, it was an easy flowing, interesting, intriguing, exciting imaginary world in which I found myself contemplating wanting to live there. If you like sci-fi or don’t I highly recommend this book.

First Bitten–Samantha Towle

Samantha Towle did an amazing job on this story. I thouroughly enjoyed this book.  I cried when Alex cried she ripped my heart out of my chest when she felt pain.

This story was written beautifully with eloquent details I felt like I was a voyeur looking inside of this story.

Nathan is the kind of guy you would love to hate but you just can’t. Besides his good looks he was multi-demensional and just when you thought he has lost his sense of emotion he throws Alex for a loop. I loved the chemestry between the two.

I will not include spoilers but this was an awesome set up to the story of how Alex becomes who she is now and the journey she took to survive and sets us up to continue her journey, and I look forward to it.

This story has a nice flow, good characters (I can’t wait to see what kind of creatures the Originals will be) great dialouge and a heartbreaking story of friendship and the bumpy road to love.


2 thoughts on “Indie Author Reviews

  1. Thank you!
    Also, I really enjoyed Displaced too! She did a wonderful job sucking me in in such a short amount of time. It’s nice to see this, promoting other indies and such. Join me in my Indies Only Quest 2012? Yours was the 3rd book in my quest! 🙂 I’d love it if you came to the dark side >:}

    • Oh believe me I know how crazy things are. I’ve been MIA for weeks! Life, work. A friend of mine and I started an online radio show…we are promoting indie authors so if you ever want to be on the show let me know!

      Thank you so much for the promo I can’t even tell you how much it means to me. 🙂

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