Other Works in Progress

Here is a list of what I’m currently working on and I’ll update when something will be available and finished for public consumption.

So last night 2/17/12 well it was really after midnight so 2/18/12 (Happy Birthday Julia) I had another story idea. It’s ridiculous all the stuff that’s flying around my head right now.

Death In the Valley of The Lost Shoals

It starts off with a woman who has just died–at least she thinks she did but she wakes up in this weird Technicolor world where everything is a little off.  She thinks that maybe she’s in a coma now and she’s fighting for her life but she needs to resolve something that is going on in this reality before she will either fight death or embrace it.

That’s all I got right now…

Soul Mates (A Working Title) <—- The proof is in the hands of my awesome editor as we speak! 

Is about a girl embarking on her college experience far away from home and overbearing parents.  During her first year she had a tragic experience which paved the way for her behavior for the next several years.  While on her odyssey of self discovery she meets a guy that is on the same path of destruction she is. Before they weather the storm they make it worse.

It’s a tragic but beautiful love story between these two that start off so bad for each other and develop into the only thing that’s good.

This one is actually completed I just need some edits and the whole set up I’ve got a pretty cool cover so I’m going to try to get this on out asap.

Memoirs of a Pretty Face

A story of a woman on the verge of a big promotion at work but she’s up against her nemesis. A girl who disregards her opponent based on her ‘plus size’ appearance. The two feud and quip back and forth. Once the promotion is given the victor gets the opportunity of a lifetime and gets to go back home again.  This is a tale of finding strength and confidence in a hard judging society as well as growth when challenged with adversity.  And I do believe there is a very handsome love interest that pops in and out of the story poetically.

A Demon Love Story Part Two:Domination

This cover is just an idea.

This continues our saunter of the forlorn romance between Alex and Liam. There is also introductions to new influences and more depth to old ones. You get to voyeuristically watch as Liam and Alex’s lives mingle with the different obstacles they go through to be together…Or to not be together?

Characters you thought were gone forever may make another appearance and play an integral part in the story. There will be more love, more hate, more lust and more betrayal–the only way Alex and Liam can do it.

I have the shell of the story on paper (so to speak) the rest of this twisted love affair the revenge is in my head.

But the pressure is on because as my girls finish reading ADLS ONE they are dying for TWO…I’m working as fast as I can ladies!!


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