So Wow, This Happened

From 41 to 45 in one week! I AM BACK!!!

Check Me OUT!!!





This is my new pet project, on the heels of ADLS starting to get read and reviewed I feel confident that this is my time and Julia’s time to shine.

Petting Unicorns

Wow.  Has it been two-and-a-half weeks already?  In. Sane.  Where does the time go?  Truth be told, our show needed a makeover – from the becoming-habitual “start fails” to the lackluster logo design, Petting Unicorns deserved so much more…especially when we realized we are one of the top-ten most popular writing shows on BlogTalkRadio (this is true).  We had a reputation to uphold!  Fans to answer to!  A bit too much time on our hands!  So here ya go – unveiled intermittently in an unceremonious gradual process over the course of the last three days – a new official logo, a bunch of fancy new headers, profiles in every outlet of social media available (is “Friendster” still cool?), and a pre-recorded intro that is flub-proof.

I think a lot of this “project” serves as living, breathing proof that personalities such as Allison and myself are “all in” types of…

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