If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know – 31lbs SHED!

Week number 9 and I’m down 31 pounds. That’s like a 2 year old right? Go check it out!



Update One Month In

So, I’ve had some tough weeks.  This week in particular – I won’t bore the 20 of you who might read this what happened, but it was a BAD lady week – if ya know what I mean

I’m off track already (shocker) – I have to admit I am terrible at this being healthy thing.  I’ve only gained two lbs. (after a colonoscopy, tell me how that even happened) I’m still trying to be conscious of what I eat, and try not to eat as much and other than this past week I have been doing the elliptical at least 3 times a week for 30 mins. But here’s the problem…you can call it an excuse which it probably is, but I can’t afford all the damn healthy food!  I have to spend like $100 a week on food and I’ve been finding trouble doing that. I’m doing the exercise which was supposed to be the main catalyst for kick-starting this thing – it turns out I ALSO have to be really strict with eating too. Seriously?!? Is one not enough – oh yeah it would’ve been about fifteen years ago – 30’s man, who thought it was a good idea to become this old?

So this is my next challenge – budgeting *gasp*…

I’ll give you some insight into my life – I’ve had some very low-paying jobs and I live on my own, in NEW JERSEY which leads to I financial struggle pretty heartily. Therefore I tend to go for cheap and fast food over pricey and fresh. But happily I can admit that I have not gotten any fast food in the last few weeks since my last post. I can say that for 100% and also I can tell you that’s really effing hard.  Ok I’ve quit smoking (a few times) and everyone says that’s the one of the hardest habits to kick – well bad eating I think is the equivalent to quitting heroin. I feel like I went through withdrawals, like the food sweats and fat just expelling itself from the body, it’s not pretty.  Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I’m mortified to admit I actually crave it sometimes.  Isn’t that disgusting – I crave a god damned Whopper with cheese, I need an intervention!

So I’m not going to let this lick me – I’m going to budget. I actually managed to get a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner for about $65 bucks this week which I think was pretty damn impressive, but nothing fresh.  I was healthy conscious, but once you get into the fresh fruits and veggies and then meat…forget it.  I got some Kashi in the bag meals, some healthy choice lunches, some Raisin Brand Crunch cereal, oatmeal and I was just done with it.  I try to go for low sodium choices so it kills two birds, it’s healthier than eating out and it’s fast. Fast and cheap(ish) – SCORE!  So beginning the first chance I get I will get back on the elliptical horse and start again.  That’s all I can do.

The amazing thing about this process is that there’s no rush or timeframe (well maybe there’s a little rush) but it’s not like it’s life or death right now at this minute, right?

As long as I keep trying despite my set backs that’s a good thing I suppose.  Need to work on those excuses though.

On the mental front I am happy to report that I am 100% anxiety meds free now and I feel kind of normal.  No crying fits, no depression bouts, I actually chose to go out last night instead of staying home.  As a matter of fact I have an action fun-filled packed weekend ahead of me also.  I’m still exhausted at all times, but I’m trying to put that as the third priority instead of the first. You know the adage I’ll sleep when I’m dead and then maybe by then I won’t be so tired. 😉

So some set backs this week, some disappointing non-loss weeks, but this girl keeps on truckin’…

Till next time…


Forget SOE’s – Middle Finger is the Search Master


Photo Credit (Middle Finger): http://chan.jeffreybosman.com/src/127662775139.gif

So how many bloggers out there are obsessively checking their stats daily/hourly/minutely?

I’ll admit it, I totally do it – like all the time!  In having rediscovered interest in my blog again (happens at least once a year or so) I noticed that my blog post a million years ago with the above picture gets the most play of all my blog posts.

Almost all of my stats, every day are by the search for middle finger, bird, finger, flipping off, etc… Funny thing is, that post was not even that good!

Also a while back I did a post on SOE – Search Optimization Engines – (i.e Bing, Google etc…) using tag words in these search engines in your posts to gain the most traffic. I clearly hit search gold with the middle finger – so my advice to all of you: tag Middle Finger for EVERYTHING – even if it’s about kindergarten pageants or whatever…

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